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News . 14 June 2021 Read Time4 min

What’s Happening at Dice?

Here at Dice, we love giving graduates an opportunity to carve out careers within the medcomms industry. We have recently hired three new grads, all of whom bring their own unique talent to the team. Let’s meet them…

Georgie Cornish – Junior Designer

Georgie joins Dice having graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Arts in 2020. With her creative and altruistic spirit, it’s safe to say she’s fitted right in. “I have always been drawn to creative roles and being able to help people in some way,” she says. “That’s why I was drawn to this job in particular, as it merges the two quite well.”

I have always been drawn to creative roles and being able to help people in some way

As Georgie explains, this passion for creativity developed at an early age. “I was the child who did the drawings that go on the fridge”, she adds. “If there were any courses I could take when I was younger, I’d jump at the opportunity.” 

Meanwhile, her interest in pharma was sparked during university. “One of my lecturers did an exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London entitled ‘Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?’”, says Georgie. “It was all about the role of graphic design in medical communications. I dug deeper and discovered there are companies (like Dice) that design for pharma brands.”

Now three months into life at Dice, Georgie is thriving alongside her fellow team members. “Working with the studio team has been amazing – I’ve already learned so much,” she says. “The culture is better than I could have hoped for, especially during a pandemic. It’s great to be back in the office now; everyone is very supportive and just as nice as they were on video!”

So, what does Georgie’s life look like outside of Dice? “I really got into bread-baking during lockdown, like everyone,” she says. “I can make a great focaccia loaf now.” Hopefully the team will have a chance to sample it soon…

Eddie Ayeh – Account Executive

With a degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology under his belt, it’s easy to see why Eddie was drawn to a career in medical communications. “After university, I was looking for something that linked my chosen field with the market research and communication skills I’d developed during my final year,” says Eddie. “The role at Dice just fell into my lap and fitted perfectly.”

Eddie’s interest in neuroscience and psychology stemmed from a desire to “understand, at a base level, why we act in the way we do, why we have a moral compass to help people, and how a lot of our actions can be manipulated by our environment, genetics and other factors.”

His own moral compass (along with that degree) also pointed him in our direction. “In med comms, you’re not only helping clients bring their vision to life, but you’re also indirectly helping people with an unmet medical need,” he says. “I am quite familiar with conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), as well as talking to people from different backgrounds. Prior to joining Dice, I had to speak to people about their experiences of Covid and how it affected them.” 

As an Account Executive, Eddie is using every ounce of his attention to detail, analytical and personal skills to dissect client needs and communicate them clearly to the relevant team within Dice. He enjoys the responsibility that comes with the role, as well as the comfort of having people to lean on every day. “Everyone is happy to help you fit in, which gives you confidence to be independent,” he says. “There is a really tight-knit team here.”   

Sport dominates Eddie’s life beyond Dice. He has played county rugby for Middlesex, but is also into basketball and football, supporting the Milwaukee Bucks and Arsenal respectively. 

Simran Kaur – Associate Medical Writer

Science has always been Simran’s calling, or more specifically a search for meaning. “There is always an answer, a cause, a solution,” she says. “When I was younger I always had a book in my hand – a colouring book, reading book, anything.” 

When it came to higher education, she leant towards biomedicine, completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Kent. “I liked biology and chemistry but preferred biology, so didn’t want to do biochem,” she explains. From there, it was a master’s in Medical Biotechnology and Business Management at the University of Warwick.

Simran discovered medical writing when researching career opportunities. With no inclination to be a scientist in the traditional sense, she jumped at the opportunity. “I was very adamant I didn’t want a lab job, so this felt like the perfect job for me,” she says. “I wanted to carry on in science and learn more about new treatments and therapies.”

Rare diseases is a particular area of interest for Simran – as it is for Dice. “There’s isn’t much awareness of rare diseases, so it’s really interesting being part of the process to help  raise that awareness.” The sheer number of rare diseases lends itself to a varied workload, something that Simran relishes. “Each day, I can be looking at a different disease area that I didn’t know anything about. That’s a lot of fun.” 

Over the past four months, she has truly embraced the culture at Dice. “It’s so welcoming and supportive,” she says. “People pull questions out of me even if I don’t have any. I love it!”

Looking to pursue a career in medcomms? We’re always open to expanding our team, so please send a CV to and we’ll be in touch if the right opportunity comes along.