Offering detailed analysis and interpretation of Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data, Meditrends enables our clients to define, refine and inform healthcare decisions and improve health outcomes.

If your disease landscape needs more focus, Meditrends can provide a clearer picture.

Clear data is essential to anyone involved in planning delivery of innovative treatments to the NHS, whether it is anticipating future needs for new therapies or meeting current demand for existing products. That is why so many organisations find the robust, real-world evidence available in HES data to be so informative.

Working in partnership with Dice, Meditrends interprets and presents HES data in a suite of easy-to-understand reports that provide sharp focus on any disease area that is of interest to you.

Meditrends Insights

Meditrends will help you gain insights on:

Disease Epidemiology – Incidence & Prevalence

Disease Burden

Disease Awareness

Treatment Pathways & Specialities

Treatments & Procedures

Resource Utilisation

Healthcare Resource Utilisation & Costs

Geographical Variation in Patterns of Disease & Treatments

Health Outcomes

Sarah Brooks, Manager - Data Analytics

“Data is everything to our clients, and the insights available through Meditrends will empower them to make informed, data-led decisions that ultimately result in positive health outcomes.”

Sarah Brooks, Manager – Data Analytics

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Providing Impactful Insights

Consider the added cohesion these insights will bring to all aspects of your strategic and operational planning process. Discussed hand in hand with Dice as your med comms partner, it will enable you to create impactful communications that you know are relevant to real-life experiences of key stakeholders in the NHS.

That is another example of Pharmacohesion®.

What is pharmacohesion?

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