Dice is pleased to announce a new partnership with Meditrends, an online real-world data business intelligence platform providing valuable HES data insights.

Robust, real-world evidence is a cornerstone of delivering innovative therapies and an integral part of business planning. However, data viewed in isolation, and out of context, can be misleading.

If your disease landscape needs more focus, Meditrends can provide a clearer picture

Meditrends provides detailed analysis and interpretation of the data, enabling our clients to define, refine and inform healthcare decisions and improve health outcomes.

NHS England and its partners in industry have an ongoing need to understand the landscape of disease. Meditrends is designed to facilitate constructive engagement between them in order to optimise the delivery of healthcare benefits to patients.

Meditrends interprets and presents the HES data in a suite of easy-to-understand reports, which can be designed to your specification, and comprises the functionality to view top-line data for all ICD10 and OPCS codes at different geographical levels. Everything can be easily exported, allowing the user to incorporate the graphs and charts into their personal business reports. 

Meditrends provides a clear picture of a disease landscape, and our experts will guide you through the process and help you obtain the insights that are most relevant to you. 

As the data is released, we will also be able to provide insights with regards to how the COVID-19 situation has impacted the treatment of certain conditions and what impact this has had on patient pathways and outcomes. 

Find out more about Meditrends here,  or please contact Sarah Brooks for more information or to arrange a demonstration.