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As a full-service agency, we use Pharmacohesion® to help you to refine your strategic thinking across all channels, using marketing and scientific insight. From creative execution to rigorous measurement, we ensure your brand makes an impact.

Your brands were developed to meet a medical need. We help you make sure their promise is fulfilled.

Improving lives, saving lives

Pharmacohesion® ensures that healthcare professionals understand why your brand exists, know how it fits into their treatment paradigm, and can access it to treat their patients in need.

Nurturing relationships

KOLs, prescribers, payors and patients all need to feel that you are working in their best interests, that they are more to you than just a commercial transaction. We craft your communications with all stakeholders so they know you are their partners in therapeutic problem-solving.

Delivering results

Through Pharmacohesion® – our rigorous process of analysis, strategic thinking, tactical creativity and precise execution – we deliver communications that allow all your customer-facing teams to make an impression, convey your brand and company values, and engender long-term loyalty.

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“We want to help your brands fulfil the ambitions of the scientists who developed them: to transform the lives of patients with an unmet medical need.”

Matthew Dickinson, Managing Director

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Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON)

Raising awareness from a standing start: a case study of our work in rare diseases

One of the greatest challenges with any rare disease is diagnosis. Understandably, clinicians are often unaware of diseases that they may only encounter once or twice in their whole careers.

Our client faced this exact challenge with Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON). This extremely rare mitochondrial disorder is difficult to diagnose – typically found in males aged 15-35, its only symptom is painless central vision loss in one eye, which often results in blindness. With prevalence in Europe of only ~2.2/100,000, it’s incredibly unlikely that an ophthalmologist will even encounter one patient their whole professional life.

To help the client sell its treatment to clinicians, we created an effective disease awareness campaign that would eventually dovetail with a brand launch. This ensured that clinicians could identify both the symptoms and solution as soon as the treatment was approved.

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