How we work

Defining great brands and setting new agendas

As a full-service creative agency, we cover every channel to position and promote your brand to the industry. Even before the kick-off meeting, you’ll have a complete plan of action, identifying every measure we’ll take to bring your brand’s strategy to life. This is what we call Pharmacohesion®.


Positioning your brand for success

Defining the strategy and tactics to make your brand memorable.

In order to differentiate both your company and your therapy’s treatment strategies from the competition, we conduct an immersive exploration of your brand’s key therapeutic targets. When you have new players entering the market every year, it’s vital to emphasise your therapy’s advantages and offer clear, compelling reasons to prescribe. 

By digging deep into the details, and then paring away anything unnecessary, we create strong, impactful core messages across various media so that your brand commands attention, resonates with KOLs and makes an impact with HCPs, carers and patients.

Identifying your unique position

Every brand occupies a unique position, and our strategic thinking will help to clarify exactly what that is or should be. We investigate all of your brand’s treatment characteristics and identify its most meaningful differentiators in order to present your brand as an innovator or a leader in its field.

Assembling your supporters

To bring your brand to wider attention, we’ll assemble a framework of support in the form of an advisory board, meeting with selected KOLs to discuss the optimal strategy for your therapy. Maintaining an ongoing relationship, you’ll be able to request advice and support on a regular basis, both in webinar meetings or conferences.

Scheduling your plan of action

Developing a strategy that will play out over the course of many months requires forethought, anticipation and a knowledge of every channel. You’ll get a plan covering everything from a website to conferences, webinars, emails, e-learning courses, field materials and more to ensure your brand engages with the right people.

Precision teamwork

Delivering materials that are compelling, accurate and impeccably-produced.

We assign a tightly-knit, dedicated account team to every client project – you’ll get a copywriter, designer and account manager right from the start, ensuring each aspect of your material receives expert input every step of the way, and works effectively together.

Removing any unnecessary layers of process and keeping our teams small means we take responsibility, focus completely on your project and pay attention to all the details. We aim to submit only once, and for you to be satisfied first time.

Autonomy and accountability

The team is able to concentrate on your brand and its core messaging, while still drawing on the resources within the agency, to create incisive, memorable and exciting work.

Personal contact

You’ll be meeting and engaging with the very people who will be working on your project and crafting your messaging without an excess of bodies and opinions in the room.

Prompt delivery of work

Keeping our process simple and direct means there are no extra middle-men involved, communications are quick and effective, and work is produced on time.

Matthew Dickinson

“We want to help your brands fulfil the ambitions of the scientists who developed them: to transform the lives of patients with an unmet medical need.”

Matthew Dickinson, Managing Director

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We use data and insight to continually help refine your strategic thinking and shape your conversations with all your stakeholders, in a cohesive, consistent way across all channels, both online and in print.


Your customers will know exactly what to expect from your brand in terms of how it impacts on their lives, whether they are prescribers, payors, carers or patients. 

Your brand communication will always be in tune with therapeutic sentiment, which will also help it to withstand competitive challenges.


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