Rigorous analysis throughout your campaign helps us to gauge reaction, refine our approaches and measure the ROI of Pharmacohesion®.


Measurement ensures your communications are effective and reveals where they can be improved for greater impact. Too often in pharma we don’t take the time to do this. 

What we do

How can Measurement impact your brand?

Continuous rigorous measurement of your digital med comms campaigns and the analysis of reactions, feedback and online data from all your engagement channels can confirm where our efforts are having a positive effect or need to be refined.

Only through measurement against set KPIs can you gauge success, find out what’s working and improve. We’ll take a close look at:

  • Analytics reports
  • Digital platform analysis 
  • Sales reports
  • Sales rep feedback
  • KOL feedback panel
  • Patient forum impact reports
  • Media results
  • And more…

The Process

Using analysis to refine your strategy and deliver ROI

In the context of the aims and goals for your brand, and the key performance indicators we would have set, our team takes the time to measure our campaign’s effects, both through online statistics and personal testimony.

When we know and understand the data, we can show that creating Pharmacohesion® in your communications delivers a definite return on investment.

Collect data

Every point in your campaign will generate data drawn from a number of useful sources: sales figures, online engagement statistics, visitor numbers, video views and conference feedback, as well as anecdotal information from your field teams.

Analyse the story

All data paints a picture of how stakeholders are now engaging with your brand, and will reveal a narrative to how your therapy is being perceived and welcomed. We’ll be able to monitor changes over time, as well as performance around particular events.

Refine your strategy

The collection and analysis of feedback and data provides us with an even deeper understanding of your brand’s position. The Pharmacohesion® process cycles back to its starting point, enabling us to further refine our insights, strategy and execution, leading to a digital and print med comms campaign that grows ever stronger and more effective.

Follow the patients

Spotting the trends in how patients interact with and consume healthcare resources can provide invaluable measurement of how your therapy is changing behaviour in your particular disease area.

How our clients have benefited from the Measurement approach

Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON)

Raising awareness from a standing start: a case study of our work in rare diseases

One of the greatest challenges with any rare disease is diagnosis. Understandably, clinicians are often unaware of diseases that they may only encounter once or twice in their whole careers.

Our client faced this exact challenge with Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON). This extremely rare mitochondrial disorder is difficult to diagnose – typically found in males aged 15-35, its only symptom is painless central vision loss in one eye, which often results in blindness. With prevalence in Europe of only ~2.2/100,000, it’s incredibly unlikely that an ophthalmologist will even encounter one patient their whole professional life.

To help the client sell its treatment to clinicians, we created an effective disease awareness campaign that would eventually dovetail with a brand launch. This ensured that clinicians could identify both the symptoms and solution as soon as the treatment was approved.

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We take the time to thoroughly explore your therapy and your market, researching your customers’ mindsets and issues to uncover insights that matter.

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Armed with our insights, we assess your brand’s positioning, forming a precise differentiation strategy based on an in-depth understanding of the market situation.

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Pharmacohesion® delivers impactful, strategically-aligned tactical initiatives across all channels, both online and in print, working to meaningfully capture and convey your brand concept.

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Continued rigorous analysis throughout your campaign helps us to gauge reaction, refine our approaches and measure success, revealing Pharmacohesion®’s ROI.