Dice Patient Support Programmes

Patient support delivered with sensitivity, empathy and practicality

It’s easy to overlook the impact of a diagnosis of a medical condition on a patient’s life, and the lives of their family, carers and even friends.

It’s also remarkable to remember that not so long ago, a package leaflet and a short drug-information leaflet was considered to be all that was required to help a patient get to grips with their diagnosis and new medication.

We now understand that patient support programmes need to be so much more comprehensive, inclusive and interactive than ever before.

At Dice, we design programmes for our clients that meet the three main objectives of patient support:

Access to treatment

Adherence to treatment

Patient safety and pharmacovigilance

Success in all of the above is essential to ensure positive patient outcomes – outcomes that your cutting edge therapies deserve and that healthcare professionals expect when they prescribe them.

Every condition and every treatment requires bespoke solutions, so it’s impossible to generalise, but Dice Patient Support Programmes are developed in close collaboration 
with all the key players: the prescribers; nursing and support staff; patient support groups; pharmacists; and finally, payers.

The most successful programmes have all of these stakeholders pulling in the same direction with the intention of making the individual patient feel supported and in safe hands. Without that, outcomes will inevitably be less than ideal.

Dice considers a successful patient support programme to be every bit as important as a successful marketing campaign and a vital component of Pharmacohesion®.

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