Welcome to Alea – a new quarterly that’s a result of our whole team’s collaboration and insight.

At Dice Medical Communications, we’re passionate believers in the pharma industry and the work every one of our clients is doing to improve the lives of people living with an unmet medical need. We play our small part by helping brands realise the ambitions of the scientists and engineers that created them – and the idea for this publication is to offer some independent and thought-provoking opinion to help us all go about our work with renewed enthusiasm.

Each edition of Alea will offer an array of content from members of the Dice team, as well as occasional contributions from industry big-hitters. However, the last thing we want to do is bombard clients who already spend their days buried in medical reports. For that reason, we’ve made sure to mix it up, combining industry insight and analysis with interviews and imagery that stirs the emotions.

The goal will always be to provide some intellectual stimulation. You may agree or disagree with our thoughts – debate is always welcome. If, in the smallest possible way, we can positively inspire those within our industry, challenge existing thinking and push our sector forwards, then Alea will be a success.

Finally, this is no way designed as a news feed of pharma – we all receive those emails on a daily basis. We’d love to have your input, recommendations for articles, or just simply to chat through your challenges and how we can help.

Oh, and why Alea? It’s latin for a ‘game of chance/dice’, which seems apt on so many levels. Enjoy!

Matthew Dickinson

Managing Director