Dice Pharmaceutical Medical Writing Services

A team of experienced writers focused on accuracy, creativity and delivery

Medical writing is the bedrock of the modern pharmaceutical agency.

Over recent years, therapies and the technology behind them have become increasingly complex and scientifically challenging. However, the essential disciplines of the Medical Writer are the same, whether the project is describing the changes to a drug delivery pump, or explaining the nuances of a cutting-edge gene therapy.

First and foremost ACCURACY. Every statement must be factual, every claim supportable, every reference admissible. Without this, the approval process is unnecessarily frustrating and protracted.

A Medical Writer must also be inquisitive and adept at analysing data for relevance and applicability. No healthcare professional can be expected to know everything about your brand, so it’s our job to make sure they know what they NEED to know, and also why and how that knowledge pertains to their clinical practice.

Finally, the quality of the writing itself must be faultless. Grammar and punctuation can be seen in some quarters as something of a quaint notion, but not in the Dice Medical Writing team.

Every member of the Dice Medical writing team subscribes to these values and our recruitment bar for new writers is set exceptionally high. Currently our five-strong, full-time team possess the following qualifications upon which they have based their medical writing careers.

Our qualifications

  • PhD in Pharmacology
  • PhD in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
  • PhD in Organic Chemistry
  • MSc in Science Communication
  • PhD in Cancer Genomics

Meet the medical writers

Senior Medical Writer

Lisa Buttle

Years at Dice: 1
Experience: 20+ Years
Winnie MacFadzean - Dice

Senior Medical Writer

Winnie McFadzean

Years at Dice: 5
Experience: 30+ Years

Medical Writer

Anna Wiecek

Years at Dice: 1
Experience: 2 Years

Associate Medical Writer

Amanda Doyle

Years at Dice: 1
Experience: 3 Years
Jen James

Senior Medical Writer

Jen James

Years at Dice: 2
Experience: 20+ Years

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