Dice is an Omnichannel
Healthcare Marketing Agency

We are advertising, writing and branding specialists, and by employing Pharmacohesion – our unique, integrated marketing solutions tool, we create impactful and coherent brand campaigns for our clients.

Why Omnichannel?

Touch points are the essence of modern healthcare marketing. They are the how, why and when healthcare professionals encounter messages about your therapy and your company. These encounters must be inspirational, constructive and interdependent. Pharmacohesion® helps us to deliver such a campaign.

At Dice, we make every touch point count. Examples include:

Veeva CRM Digital Sales Aids

The creativity and discipline of our medical writers and designers makes our DSAs impactful, informative and persuasive. We turn complex clinical data into digestible graphics and key bullets that are relevant to the clinician’s daily experiences.

Website/Web platform

A resource that often underpins all of the other omnichannel activity. Dice can create, write, design and build your web presence to seamlessly interact with and support all your digital output.

Veeva emails and fragments

Fast becoming the ‘bread and butter’ of the marketing mix, Dice creates and builds these for all our clients on a daily basis.

Medical congresses

Bringing your customers together, informing them of your brand’s potential, and following up in a timely and relevant manner. This part of our offering is perhaps the very definition of Pharmacohesion®.

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