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Getting YOUR treatment to the RIGHT patient at the RIGHT time.

Market Access is all about ensuring that eligible patients have rapid, consistent and sustained access to your medicines. Dice can help you scope, plan and deliver an effective market access strategy to achieve these aims.

What Market Access ISN’T…

It’s a common misconception that Market Access is all about gaining positive NICE guidance (or SMC/AWMSG), but this is barely even the beginning of the process.

…and how Dice is able to deliver what it IS.

Our Director of Market Access, Sandra Laird, has in depth experience from both the industry and agency sides of the pharmaceutical industry. Sandra and her team know the importance of strategic planning and budget impact modelling and they can be by your side as you prepare your Market Access plan. 

What will the plan look like?
It’s different for every product and every therapeutic area, but there are ‘must-haves’ that are common to all. 

From Phase 1 right through to launch and post-launch, Dice will help you plot out the important strategic initiatives and implementation stages, and then work with you to deliver against every important milestone.

When Dice can help

Wherever you are in your product’s journey to market, and if you feel daunted by the hurdles you face, you are not alone. 

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