Pharma Medical Education Agency

Delivering content and building profound understanding of your product

A successful pharmaceutical Medical Education Agency (Med Ed) understands that although ‘content is king’, without context and appropriate delivery, it can be lost.

Dice Medical Education initiatives are designed, written and delivered with this in mind.

Our Advisory Boards

Our Advisory Boards are diligently and precisely planned to ensure good, appropriate attendance and most important of all, outputs that have real value to the marketing and medical teams of our clients. 

MSL slide decks

MSL slide decks and support materials are now an integral part of any marketing and medical education mix and the Dice Medical Writers are seasoned in their creation and production.

Peer-to-peer educational meetings

Peer-to-peer educational meetings and congresses are vital opportunities to shape the conversation about your product. The Dice Medical Education team are always focused on ensuring that the right people are taking part in that conversation and that they are all furnished with the appropriate data and information.

Slide Content

Your Med Ed Agency should be highly proficient at writing, editing and fact-checking them in a timely manner. The Dice Medical Writers are all highly skilled
at this fundamental task.

CPD-accredited events

Bringing your customers together, informing them 
of your brand’s potential, and following up in a timely and relevant manner. This part of our offering is perhaps the very definition of Pharmacohesion®.

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