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Our mission is to bring healthcare brands to life so that they can fulfill their medical needs. 

We use scientific insight to develop a bespoke brand strategy across all channels ensuring that your brand makes an impact.

Our healthcare experts take an attentive and proactive approach to your brand, working across all brand touchpoints – from digital to print – to find your unique solution.

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    We are a Veeva Certified, IQVIA Certified, and Industry-Recognised Agency

    Matthew Dickinson

    “We want to help your brands fulfil the ambitions of the scientists who developed them: to transform the lives of patients with an unmet medical need.”

    Matthew Dickinson, Managing Director

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    How we work

    Defining great brands and setting new agendas






    Insights Icon

    We take the time to thoroughly explore your therapy and your market, researching your customers’ mindsets and issues to uncover insights that matter. Activities include:

    • Market & competitor research
    • Attending conferences
    • KOL sentiment
    • Sales representative visits/research
    • Scientific data analysis
    • Patient forum research
    • And more…
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    Strategy Icon

    Armed with our insights, we assess your brand’s positioning, forming a precise differentiation strategy based on an in-depth understanding of the market situation. Activities include:

    • Planning workshops
    • Brand manifestos
    • Scientific storyboards
    • Positioning statement
    • Brief creation
    • Media and channel planning
    • Medical education strategy
    • And more….
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    Execution Icon

    Pharmacohesion® delivers impactful, strategically-aligned tactical initiatives across all channels, both online and in print, working to meaningfully capture and convey your brand concept. Activities include:

    • Campaign & concept development
    • Website and app development
    • Veeva Approved emails
    • Exhibition and event production
    • Education & patient support programmes
    • Video/animation/print production
    • Scientific and creative copywriting
    • Satellite symposia support
    • And more…
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    Measurement Icon

    Continued rigorous analysis throughout your campaign helps us to gauge reaction, refine our approaches and measure success, revealing Pharmacohesion®’s ROI. Activities include:

    • Analytics reports
    • Digital platform analysis
    • Sales reports
    • Sales rep feedback
    • KOL feedback panel
    • Patient forum impact reports
    • Media results
    • and more…
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    Our team of experts

    Individually expert, collectively formidable

    Each member of the Dice team is creative, focused and accountable, delivering life-changing outcomes through exciting, incisive and memorable work.

    Senior Account Manager

    Naomi Reeves

    Years at Dice: 1
    Experience: 10+ Years

    Freelance Designer

    Valeriia Poltoratska

    Years at Dice: 1
    Experience: 10+ Years

    Senior Medical Writer

    Lisa Buttle

    Years at Dice: 1
    Experience: 20+ Years
    Colin Wheeler

    Medical Director

    Colin Wheeler

    Years at Dice: 1
    Experience: 20+ Years
    Winnie MacFadzean - Dice

    Senior Medical Writer

    Winnie McFadzean

    Years at Dice: 5
    Experience: 30+ Years
    Matthew Dickinson

    Managing Director

    Matthew Dickinson

    Years at Dice: 8
    Experience: 15+ Years

    Associate Medical Writer

    Amanda Doyle

    Years at Dice: 1
    Experience: 3 Years
    Eddie Ayeh

    Account Manager

    Eddie Ayeh

    Years at Dice: 3
    Experience: 3 Years

    Junior Graphic Designer

    Ella O’Grady

    Years at Dice: 1
    Experience: 1 Years

    A case study of our work in rare diseases

    Delivering life-saving outcomes through creative execution


    Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON)

    Raising awareness from a standing start: a case study of our work in rare diseases

    One of the greatest challenges with any rare disease is diagnosis. Understandably, clinicians are often unaware of diseases that they may only encounter once or twice in their whole careers.

    Our client faced this exact challenge with Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON). This extremely rare mitochondrial disorder is difficult to diagnose – typically found in males aged 15-35, its only symptom is painless central vision loss in one eye, which often results in blindness. With prevalence in Europe of only ~2.2/100,000, it’s incredibly unlikely that an ophthalmologist will even encounter one patient their whole professional life.

    To help the client sell its treatment to clinicians, we created an effective disease awareness campaign that would eventually dovetail with a brand launch. This ensured that clinicians could identify both the symptoms and solution as soon as the treatment was approved.

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