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A Simple Explanation of Statistical Data for Product Managers

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by Neil | 03 Feb Read Time1 min

About the writer: Neil Dickinson is Senior Science Writer at Dice. Neil has been involved in the pharmaceutical industry for nearly 40 years, working with all the major companies and across dozens of famous brands. The views presented in this article are his alone and are based on his personal experiences throughout his career.


Have you ever wondered what the statistics actually mean in the data that support the core claims made on behalf of your brand? Or how percentage differences between the effects of an active drug and a control, such as a placebo, are calculated?

As medical copywriters, we are asked to explain these calculations often enough to suggest that there may be widespread misunderstanding out there. That’s understandable and nothing to be embarrassed about: after all, we are marketers not mathematicians.

Statistics can be a tough subject to get your head around: the double negatives of disproving a null hypothesis is just the start! That’s why the team at Dice have prepared an informational resource for medical or pharma product and marketing managers, that provides an overview of understanding and managing the basics of statistical data.

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