In many industries, continuing education isn’t a requirement and may not be seen as an effective use of resources. But just because an employee has graduated from university and received their degree, this shouldn’t mean that their learning stops there.

This is particularly true in medical communications. In a constantly changing, client-focused industry, professional development allows us to adapt to current trends and be more aware of our clients’ and their patients’ needs.

Here at Dice, we have recognised this need for continued development and so we’ve created Cubed, our new internal training platform.

Introducing Cubed

Cubed helps us identify areas within the agency that can be strengthened, expand our existing skills and make sure we not only maintain our standards but raise them. The ultimate goal being to help every member of the team grow, and as a result improving our creative output and impact.

To kick things off, we recently undertook a series of brand training sessions led by Ian Forth. The sessions covered advertising and marketing, the importance of writing a good brief, and the values of brands; key areas that an agency should have a good understanding of in order to successfully deliver brand growth. These sessions were well received by everyone and an excellent way to kickstart Cubed.

Following on from this, we look to add to our new platform with future training including:

  • Running a pharma company from a previous CEO
  • Client management workshops
  • Veeva (and other platform) certifications

With the foundations of Cubed now laid, we’ll be sure to continue our development so we as individuals, and as an agency, keep on growing. 

Careers in medical communications

If you’re considering a career in medical communications, continuous professional development is a key aspect of every role. Not only will it help you to personally develop and learn new skills, but it will also help you to stand out amongst other potential applicants.

For further information regarding career opportunities at Dice, visit our Careers page and get in contact – we’re always willing to hear from potential applicants across a range of roles and specialisms.