As a way to give back to those in need, Dice has decided to support one charity for the year. We will be organising fundraisers and publishing articles to bring greater awareness, and to raise money for our chosen disease area. 

We asked Dicers to vote from a list of 10 Disease Areas which resonated with them the most. Alzheimer’s was the clear ‘winner’.  Dice has selected Alzheimer’s Research UK as its chosen Charity to support over the next 12 months. 

Alzheimer’s /Dementia is one of the world’s greatest challenges. There are 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK, and there are 23 million people who have a close friend or family member with the condition.

In the past year alone Alzheimer’s Research UK have invested over £13.3 million into 64 new research projects. But their fundraising efforts have been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Dice commits to doing everything we can to support the efforts of Alzheimer’s Research UK, especially in light of how badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic Alzheimer’s patients have been, with restrictions on care homes, isolation, delays in treatment etc. 

The ‘50km in 10 days’ Challenge

We kicked off our fundraising activities with a challenge. We each committed to walk/run/cycle 50km between 1st – 10th April. 

Everyone rose to the challenge, and some even far exceeded 50km, whilst others of us found it slightly more taxing, but we did it! Collectively we walked/ran/cycled over 798km!!

It was a great team building event, albeit a ‘remote’ one. It was lovely seeing photos of everyone’s adventures throughout the 10 days, as well as the different routes they explored. We have included a selection of our favourites to hopefully inspire others to do similar for a charity of their choice!

Most importantly, whilst enjoying the challenge, we also managed to raise a spectacular £4,368 (as of 14th April 2021), which far exceeded our expectations! Half of this was pledged by family and friends of Dicers, and Dice very generously matched the amount raised!

It’s not too late to sponsor us and donate to Alzheimer’s Research UK, this can be done by following this link: 

We’re all off to have a well-deserved rest now, whilst we think about what our next challenge will be!